Shipping Fulfillment from China to

China to UK Shipping Fulfillment Here we aggregate inventory storage, packaging and shipment from China to UK all in one process, saving your precious time and avoiding you from trouble of getting orders to your customers China to UK Shipping Fulfillment


Partnering with 50+ couriers, SFC enables thousands of customers with needs like you to ship from China to UK with multi-price level services, you can rest assured that discounted shipping rates and hassle-free fulfillment process can be accessed by leveraging SFC’s fulfillment power.

Ready to ship from China to the UK?

Step 1 : Consult & Implement

Contact about your special needs, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to work out the optimal shipping solution for you and help you through the whole shipping fulfillment from China to UK.

Step 2 : Receiving & Storage

Send your goods from your manufactures/wholesalers to SFC warehouse,your goods will be stored under 24 hours CCTV surveillance.

Step 3 : Pick & Pack

SFC picks and packs your goods on a first-in-first-out basis and according to your special needs, like customized packaging and marketing inserts.

Step 4 : Shipping

Same day dispatch. Orders are same day shipped by the optimal shipping method that meets your expectation.

Tips for shipping to the United Kingdom

  • UK customs duty policy

    Goods with declared value less than 15 pounds is exempt from duty while goods with declared value more than 15 pounds should pay the duty at a rate of 20%.

  • Banned and restricted goods

    Illegal drugs

    Offensive weapons, for example flick knives

    Self-defence sprays, for example pepper spray and CS gas

    Endangered animal and plant species

    Rough diamonds

    Indecent and obscene materials

    Personal imports of meat and dairy products from most non-EU countries

Optional shipping methods from China to UK

Type Instruction Estimated Delivery Time
(working days)
EUB Accepted products: normal, built-in battery products 7-10 Low price, normal speed, easy for customs clearance
EMS Postal service 7-20 Easy for customs clearance, average speed and good service
Dedicated line SFC independent research and development shipping methods 5-8 Fast and good service
International express UPS,DHL 2-7 Fast and good service

Recommended shipping methods from China to the United Kingdom

Shipping Code Type Our rating Estimated Delivery Time
(working days)
UKEXPLS Dedicated Line 4-7 Suitable for shipping goods with low value and need of fast delivery
DGEMS International Express 2-7 Charged by the actual weight,suitable for bulk delivery

How to Obtain Perfect Fulfillment Solution?

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