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Shipping from China to Australia Fulfillment Are you worried about the costs, delay or even loss of shipping from China to Australia? SFC offers you way out through affordable, timely and professional service making shipping from China to Australia easy, time-saving and cost-effective. Shipping from China to Australia Fulfillment


We have an all-inclusive solution for shipping from China to Australia

The ecommerce market of Australia is booming, with a total online shopping expense up to 20.3 billion dollars in 2018 and about 80% Australian will buy online.

3 major ecommerce marketplaces in Australia

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Catch

Popular product categories in Australia

Home, Auto parts, Pet supplies, etc.

  • Home
  • Auto parts
  • Pet supplies

How to meet consumers’ expectations

We have a shipping solution to make your customers happy

Fulfillment automation

With API integration, tracking information is timely updated, giving your customers access to where the parcel is in real time.

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Fast & stable shipping

Everyone wants their packages quickly. We can provide fast and affordable shipping options.

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Customized packaging

To please your customers, we offer repacking, marketing inserts, etc. to retain your customers.

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Stress-free shipping methods from China to Australia

Stress-free shipping methods from China to Mexico

Stressed-out by the shipping options from China to Australia? Whether your concerns are regarding price, shipping time or clearance, SFC is here at your service. We offer stress-free shipping from China to Australia to help you scale up your business.

Shipping Code Estimated Delivery Time
(working days)
AUEXP 5-8 Fast delivery
AUEXPIE 5-8 Below the industry’s average price level

The customs duty policy for shipping from China to Australian

For parcels within 1000 AUD, no duty occurs and GST rate is 10%.

For parcels exceed 1000AUD, duty rate varies from 0 % to 10%, with an average rate at 5%.

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