Excellent Global e-commerce Fulfillment will Maximize Efficiency Seamless integration to eCommerce Platforms, Automatic eCommerce fulfillment lets you focus on e-commerce business growth. Excellent Global e-commerce Fulfillment will Maximize Efficiency Get Custom Solution

SFC Global eCommerce Fulfillment Company

Different Stages of Fulfillment requirements can be achieved

Cross-border eCommerce enables more global potential customers to find your stores and purchase goods.

SFC simplify eCommerce fulfillment process
  • No matter what size of business you are, SFC Fulfillment is clear about your e-commerce fulfillment needs at different stages of development. Whether you are a start-up DTC brand, a mid-sized company looking to optimize fulfillment, a large company looking to expand into the global market, or have other growth needs, SFC has you covered.

    Focus on marketing for your eCommerce Brand.

    SFC fulfills and ships orders to your customer's doorstep, reducing fulfillment burden for you.

Kick Start Your Way to E-commerce Fulfillment Sucess

All the eCommerce fulfillment services you need can be done in SFC. You only need to perform simple operations, and our automated fulfillment system will handle the rest.

All-inclusive eCommerce Fulfillment Solution
  • Our end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment services entail everything from receiving &storing inventory, QC inspection, integrating online shops, processing orders, customized picking and packing, and international door-to-door shipping, to returns.

    After years of optimization, we have simplified and streamlined the fulfillment process. Therefore, You Think, SFC Do

    Some Basic Services you can access:

    Free storage for 30 days

    Branding and customized packing

    1 to 1 Services from E-commerce Fulfillment Specialist

    24/7 Client Service Guarantee

    Monitor real-time costs and manage bills

All-inclusive eCommerce Fulfillment Solution

Simplify Omni-Channels Manage, Multiply Sales

  • Shopify Fulfillment Services
  • ebay Fulfillment Services
  • amazon Fulfillment Services
  • aliexpress Fulfillment Services
  • woo commerce Fulfillment Services
  • B2W Digital Fulfillment Services
  • Coupang Fulfillment Services
  • Tiki Fulfillment Services
  • real.de Fulfillment Services
  • Kickstarter Fulfillment Services
  • Indiegogo Fulfillment Services
Connecting with eCommerce Stores
Shopify fulfillment+Amazon fulfillment+Woocommerce fulfillment+ecommerce fulfillment
  • SFC Fulfillment software seamlessly syncs all your sales channels and online stores, which allows you to manage all your eCommerce orders in one place and the order fulfillment will run automatically without your urging.

    Now start API Integration to Omni sales channels, such as Shopify. There is no limit to the number of stores you can link within one fulfillment account.

    All orders can be automatically synced to SFC Fulfillment Center and shipped to your global customers.

    Tracking numbers will be updated to stores when we mark the orders as fulfilled.

    There is no limit to the number of stores you can connect within a single fulfillment account.

    Unlock Efficient Order Management for Ecommerce:

    Automatic inventory warning

    Keep an eye on real-time order statuses

    Autosync inventory and order status

    Manage all orders and inventory in one place

Reduce Risk and Costs? Choose SFC-Ecommerce Fulfillment Company in China

SFC eCommerce Fulfillment Center is ideal for online merchants who source their products from China or sell made in China products.

Global eCommerce Shipping from China
  • By placing the fulfillment center in China, you can avoid the cost of unnecessary inventory overhang, storage and shipping costs. Besides, we support a variety of customized services. Give your customers a memorable unboxing experience with our customized packaging and kitting service.

    Locating in China, SFC can reduce storage and distribute costs yet shorten the delivery time.

    Value-added services provide you with more convenience, such as: picking-up from factory, fully branded and custom packing.

    Make Success with less action:

    0.001% Inventory error rate

    Flexible pick-and-pack, kitting and assembly

    Customized labels & packages for your needs

Global eCommerce Shipping from China

Choose the Shipping Service that works for you

From eCommerce fulfillment to merchandise delivery, we are committed to make global shipping easy for you.

Multiple eCommerce Logistic Services
  • SFC's e-commerce shipping channels not only cover more than 200+ countries and regions around the world via

    SFC logistics solutions cover 200+ countries and regions around the world via postal services, special lines, and express deliveries.

    Complex transportation and customs clearance issues will be addressed by us.

    DDP and DDU services are also must-haves for most eCommerce merchants.

    Optimize Your E-commerce Shipping Plan:

    99% of orders shipped out on the same days

    31% Reduction in shipping cost

    18% Reduction in shopping cart abandonment rate

    27% Increase in average order value

SFC Shopify Fulfillment App

Best Shopify Fulfillment Service in China
  • SFC has developed a plugin which is now available for free in the Shopify App Store. Simply install the SFC Shopify Fulfillment App to your Shopify store and create an SFC account. You will be guided to send your products to our China warehouse for storage.

  • There is no risk to install this Shopify Fulfillment App and no pressure to rush through the setup process because you do not start paying unless your products are on our shelves! You can even begin with the affordable minimum plan which will allow you to familiarize yourself with our e-commerce fulfillment software and service. No long-term contracts. Upgrade at any time after you have experienced the convenience of seamless API integration between your Shopify store and SFC. We are the best Shopify fulfillment center that scales with your eCommerce business!

  • SFC China Order Fulfillment App in Shopify App Store

Ecommerce Fulfillment For all Industries and Categories

ecommerce fulfillment for 3C Product

3C Product

ecommerce fulfillment for Baby Products

Baby Products

ecommerce fulfillment for Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty & Personal Care

ecommerce fulfillment for Books


ecommerce fulfillment for Car Accessories

Car Accessories

ecommerce fulfillment for Clothing & Shoes

Clothing & Shoes

ecommerce fulfillment for Fashion Accessories

Home Appliance

ecommerce fulfillment for Jewelry & Watches

Jewelry & Watches

ecommerce fulfillment for Kitchen


ecommerce fulfillment for Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories

ecommerce fulfillment for Office Depot

Office Depot

ecommerce fulfillment for Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

ecommerce fulfillment for Sports & Outdoors

Sports & Outdoors

ecommerce fulfillment for Toys & Games

Toys & Games

ecommerce fulfillment for Travel


ecommerce fulfillment for More


E-commerce Fulfillment Case Study

SFC Case Study Susan
  • Platform
    SFC Case Study
  • Industry
    electronic products
  • Selling to:
    USA, Europe, Israel

3 years of cooperation3 years of cooperation

120,000 orders/month120,000 orders/month

85% Increase in Sales85% Increase in Sales

Learn More
SFC Case Study Lucas
  • Platform
    SFC Case Study
  • Industry
  • Selling to:

2 years of cooperation2 years of cooperation

Processed 37,000 ordersProcessed 37,000 orders/month

Shipped to countriesShipping to100+ countries

Learn More

SFC Case Study Marshall
  • Platform
    SFC Case Study
  • Industry
  • Selling to:

1 years of cooperation1 years of cooperation

50,000 orders/month5,000 orders/month

100% Increase in Satisfaction100% Increase in Satisfaction

Learn More

SFC Case Study Theodore
  • Platform
    SFC Case Study
  • Industry
  • Selling to:

2 years of cooperation2 years of cooperation

5,000 orders/month5,000 orders/month

0.01% rate of mistake in fulfillment0.01% rate of mistake in fulfillment

Learn More

SFC Case Study Julian
  • Platform
    SFC Case Study
  • Industry
  • Selling to:

1 years of cooperation1 years of cooperation

1,000 orders/month1,000 orders/month

Learn More

SFC Case Study Miya
  • Platform
    SFC Case Study
  • Industry
  • Selling to:
    Mexico, Europe

1 years of cooperation1 years of cooperation

800 orders/month800 orders/month

60% down in logistic cost60% down in logistic cost

Learn More

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