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Counterfeits, Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • We, SFC do not accept counterfeits and prohibited items that are listed in the Customs Law. You must not try to negotiate for such items for storage or shipment. You are sole liable for all consequences resulting from non-compliance. We, SFC reserve the rights to pursue legal actions if you violate or non-compliance on this caution.

    Prohibited Items:

    • Branded goods which are protected by the Intellectual Property Rights (unless with a valid Certificate of Authorization and official invoice) will be regarded as Counterfeit goods.
    • Weapons, replica weapons (e.g. replica toy guns), ammunition, toxic chemicals, hazardous chemicals, explosives (fireworks, gas lighters, gasoline, alcohol, sulfuric acid, paint, etc.), firearms, dangerous goods, white crystals, powder, fluid, lotion, gel, cream, paste, goods containing liquid, e-cigarettes, etc. comes under prohibited items.
    • Cash, checks, money orders, securities, bearer negotiable instruments, counterfeit currency, debit cards, credit cards, passbooks, lottery tickets etc. will also fall in the same category.
    • Drugs (e.g. opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.), prescription drugs, herbal supplements, health or medical products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, etc. will be prohibited.
    • Pornography (whether in printed, film or digital format). Indecent, obscene or offensive articles, sex toys, etc.
    • Animals and plants, animal carcasses (e.g. specimens), human body or parts, harmful organisms, biological samples, etc.
    • Tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, mahogany, seeds, cosmetics, food, tea, perishable goods, etc.
    • Medical waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, poisons, etc.
    • Precious antiques, audiovisual products (e.g. CDs, audio tapes, video tapes, etc.), precious metals, precious stones, jewels, pearls, ivory, skins, fur, personal or corporate seals, passports, etc.
    • Aerosol sprays, asbestos, butane lighters, strong magnetic materials, oxidizing substances, organic peroxides, etc.
    • Goods that are considered illegal in the origin, transit and/or destination countries.
    • Prohibited items that are listed by shipping carriers and airlines.
    • SFC may at its sole discretion refuse to accept other items not listed above.

    Restricted Items:

    • Some shipping carriers have restrictions for batteries or goods containing batteries.
    • Some shipping carriers have restrictions for goods that are boxed in wooden cases.
    • Hongkong Post has restrictions for metal products.
    • China-DHL has restrictions for wigs.
    • Taiwan-DHL has restrictions for car players.
    • China-FedEx has restrictions for branded LED products, goods (or its packaging) that have CE, UL, ROHS, RU, FCC or any certification labels, circuit boards, books, auto parts.

    You cannot simply declare the content as gift, personal item, or sample, etc. It has to be more specific.

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