Worldwide Shipping Fulfillment from China

International Shipping Services from China Secure warehousing, professional packaging and first-class partner, contributing to a low-cost and high-speed order fulfillment experience at SFC. International Shipping Services from China


Optional Worldwide shipping options from China

Stress-free shipping methods from China to Worldwide

With the booming development of cross-border e-commerce, cross-border logistics demand is increasingly strong. In order to meet the diversified logistics needs of cross-border sellers, SFC adheres to the customer-centric approach, integrates high-quality flights resources, and works closely with major international express and postal companies to launch a series of fast, efficient and safe cross-border B2C e-commerce dedicated lines, international express and postal services.

Service code Time in transit
(working days)
Accepted items
SFC dedicated lines 3~20 Low price, fast speed
International express 3~6 High price, fast speed
Postal service 7~20 Low price, low speed

We have an all-inclusive solution for Worldwide shipping from China

Order Fulfillment

We use top-notch techniques like barcode, automatic sorting and packaging to ensure smooth shipping service from the start to the end.

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Pick & Pack

We offer customized packaging for your valuable goods to avoid damage during the long transportation.

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Kitting & Assembly

We can coordinate your products from several suppliers and simplify the distribution process.

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Ecommerce Fulfillment

We can manage orders from all ecommerce or shopping cart platforms, automatic order sync and real-time tracking liberate you from time-consuming works.

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