Simple and Smart API Integration with China Warehouse Fulfillment-Sendfromchia

Our interface is available in the form of Web Service (SOAP) and HTTP (POST/GET). For your convenience and reference, you may download the following sample codes :

  • Product

    • Create Product
    • Edit Product
    • Get Product Information
    • Edit Product Status
    • Get Inventory Information
  • ASN

    • Create ASN
    • Edit ASN
    • Get ASN Information
    • Delete ASN Product
    • Create Add-on Service
    • Edit Add-on Service
    • Delete Add-on Service
    • Edit Add-on Service Status
    • Add-on Service Information
    • Get Add-on Services List
  • Order

    • Create Order
    • Edit Order Status
    • Edit Order
    • Get Order Information
    • Order Information(s)
    • Create Special Order
    • Create Self-pickup Order
    • Intercept Order
  • Others

    • Get Country
    • Get Warehouse
    • Get Shipping Type

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