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Successful Kickstarter Campaign Case: How to Better Board Game Fulfillment!

Time: Nov 02,2022 Author: SFC Source: www.sendfromchina.com

I.Story of Side Room Games and Mechanical Beast project.

This is the sixth crowdfunding project that Side Room Games has done with SFC, and we're here to tell you about the fulfillment result of Side Room Games' new project Mechanical Beast. It provides the experience of crowdfunding rewards for planning to launch card game framer, so as to prepare for more crowdfunding creator reward.

Now, briefly introduction, Side Room Games started this board & card game company in 2017 as a way to make awesome games for the community. We want to find designs that we’re passionate about and help them see their way in to finished products. We also want to help the rest of the community by providing any insights we come across as we learn all about game development, publishing, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

kickstarter board game

Mechanical Beast, their eighth Kickstarter project, is a tile-laying/manipulation puzzle in which you play as an engineer exploration team and work with your robot assistant to explore the belly of a giant robot to find its control room and deactivate it. The game can be played solo, co-op, or against up to four players. Mechanical Beast was the big winner of the 2019 Solitaire Print and Play Contest, including Best Overall Game. The Mechanical Beast's appeal can be seen in the comments of Kickstarter backers. SFC also believes this is a great card game and deserves more backers.

kickstarter project comment

Apparently, Mechanical Beast got funding in less than an hour of launching and ended up in 1,747 backers by $42,287 on Kickstarter.

If you are interested in Side Room Games and Mechanical Beast project, you can enter into Side Room Games' official webiste and Facebook.


II. Mechanical Beast Projec Fulfillment Requirements

Mechanical Beast project is completed in July and will complete its Crowdfunding Fulfillment in August - September 2022! The kickstarter rewards of Mechanical Beast project are shipped directly from China to backers who are mostly from the United States and a few are from other parts of the world. SFC Fulfilled, the long-term partner Board game project fulfillment of Side Room Games LLC, providing them with Board game project Fulfillment service 5-6 times from 2020 till now. Out of trust in SFC Fulfillment service, Side Room Games LLC delivered this Card game project to SFC Fulfillment without any hesitation.

kickstarter board game project

As Mechanical Beast is a crowdfunding program, Side Room Games LLC required good packaging and international shipping, which was easy for SFC Fulfillment. SFC is one of the largest logistics centers in China, has China warehouse in Huizhou, and provides customized packaging solutions for crowdfunding campaigns. Its shipping routes covers more than 200 countries and regions from China via postal services, special lines or express with cheaper prices and faster delivery times.

Side Room Games LLC’s Needs:

1. QC Inspection.

2. Strengthening packaging for the games.

3. Cost-efficient shipping channels, DDP channels for EU orders.

III. What Fulfillment Services does SFC Provide to Mechanical Beast?

1. QC Inspection

Side Room Games LLC cooperated with the card game supplier who does not provide domestic shipping to SFC China warehouse. Therefore, SFC specially arranged trucks to pick up the goods from the supplier to the warehouse to solve this problem.

When the card game arrives at the warehouse, SFC warehouse staff will conduct quality check process, which is to better feedback the product quality to the creators.

2. Strengthening packaging for the games

SFC provided two packing options: 1. bubble wrap + carton; 2. 2 layers of bubble wrap + bubble bag for Side Room Games LLC. Considering the card game of this campaign is small and the Drop test get success, Side Room Games finally chose to use 2 layers of bubble wrap + bubble bag mathod to pack the games for faster delivery. (Customizing boxes will cost a lot of time, and it needs more time to customize boxes from the factory).

We proactively arranged SFC warehouse staff to conduct a drop crash test on Mechanical Beast with 2 layers of bubble wrap. After confirming that there was no damage in the test, we took photos and sent them to the creators by email. Finally, both parties confirmed that the Mechanical Beast packaging scheme used 2 bubble wraps to package and sent them out in bubble mailer before delivery.  Here are multiple packaging material solutions for option in SFC.

board game project

3. Cost-efficient shipping channels, DDP channels for EU orders

With regard to card games' shipping channel options, Libby, SFC fulfillment consultant, suggested using DDP services to give supporters a better fulfillment experience based on customer needs and local European customs policies.

For the largest number of American backers, it is recommended to use SFC US Dedicated Line for General Coods. The orders will be delivered within 9 working days, which can satisfy the card game backers who expect to receive and experience the goods as soon as possible. The most important thing is that all freight charges of the overall project also meet customers' expectations, and the service is cost-effective.

IV. SFC Fulfillment Results

After checking all shipped orders, 99.55% orders had been delivered within one month, and there are only few orders failed to deliver due to incomplete backer's information or delivery failure. SFC had provided the processing suggesttions to Creator for those failed deliveries. Overall, most backers receive intact packages with reasonable time. Side Room Games LLC and SFC Fulfillment completed the Card Game fulfillment project once again.

Of course, it's worth noting that there are just a few flap-ups during the course of crowdfunding fulfillment. SFC comes back and sends a summary of the projects to Side Room Games. Happily, Dustin, the creator of the project, emailed back to SFC to express his satisfiaction with SFC's fulfillment service as they get positive feedback for overall orders.

SFC Fulfillment believes that it will cooperate with Side Room Games on more card game projects in the future, because board game is an interesting way to bring people together. With the epidemic, most people work and live at home, and Board game creates a way for face-to-face interaction. Play a fun game in a team.

SFC welcomes more board game sponsors to consult and use SFC Fulfillment service to experience the outstanding crowdfunding board games fulfillment services, allowing them to fully focus on promoting their crowdfunding projects without having to worry about the rewards of crowdfunding.

To know more about SFC services, you can click the below picture to contact SFC Fulfillment!

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