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SFC-Best China Order Fulfillment Center Sending from China to Brazil

Time: Apr 25,2022 Author: SFC Source: www.sendfromchina.com

I. Briefly Introduction of Brazilian E-commerce Market

In recent years, the E-commerce market in Latin America has developed vigorously. Brazil, as the largest economy in Latin America, recorded historic booming especially. According to the statistics revealed by Brazilian E-commerce Association (ABComm), the sales amount of Brazilian e-commerce platforms rose 68% in 2020 as compared to 2019, and the online shopping transactions across the country exceed 300 million, showing a rapid development in e-commerce.

China logistics to Brazil

As is shown in relevant researches, more than half of the top 10 e-commerce platforms in Latin America were based in Brazil, including Mercadolibre, Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime, Casas Bahia, Extra, Netshoes. Among which, MercadoLibre sells all kind of products. Americanas sells consumer and media electronics, appliances, furniture, beauty products and toys. Linio offers multiple payment options, telephone customer service, free returns and fast shipping. Submarino sells electronics, books, clothing, accessories, beauty products and beverages. Shoptime sells household, beauty and personal care products. Casas Bahia sells furniture and household appliances. Extra mainly sells consumer electronics, home appliances and other products. Netshoes sells sports shoes, clothing and equipment. Although these platforms sell different products, they all seek cooperation with Chinese suppliers due to order booming.

Top 10 e-commerce platforms in Latin America

SFC, as one of the largest order fulfillment center in China, has order fulfillment center in shenzhen and Yiwu. As is known to all, Shenzhen is one of the “biggest manufacturing and transporting hubs of the world”, and Yiwu is the “Supermarket of the World”, the superior geographical position of SFC’s fulfillment center not only improves SFC’s China fulfillment efficiency, but also embraces huge opportunities. Hence, SFC researched on Brazilian market, Brazilian logistics market, and sought to fulfill China logistics to brazil.

II. SFC China Logistics to Brazil

SFC formed two special lanes to ship from China to Brazil, supporting goods of different categories and sizes. Details of the channels are as follows:


A. Introduction:

STEXPTHPH is a special line that can receive general goods products, which is developed by SFC by integrating superior air transportation resources and overseas local logistics companies. The channel is completed by using Daily flight as the first flight + Brazil local logistics as the terminal flight, thus greatly improving the delivery rate and services.

B. Advantages:

    1. Fast customs clearance: B2C commercial customs clearance.

    2. Priority of low-value products: provide POD signature services.

    3. Excellent customer service: reduce the extra cost.

    4. Shipping time:13-18working days.

SFC china order fulfillment


A. Introduction:

STEXPTH is a special line that can receive general goods, internal electricity and power distribution products. It is completed by using Hong Kong/mainland air freight as the first flight + Brazil local logistics  as the terminal flight. It has competitive delivery rate, correct deliver time and favorable price.

B. Advantages:

    1. First flight by air and terminal flight delivered by local Postal/express.

    2. Whole-process order tracked services: make your orders’ track clear.

    3. Accepting General goods, built-in battery, supporting battery.

    4. Shipping time:13-18 working days.

If you have orders shipped from China to Brazil, you can try SFC’s China logistics to brazil by choosing SFC as your shipping agent to fulfill your orders.

What’s more, SFC’s business scope covers e-comerce and crowdfunding, providing warehousing, pick&pack and deliver services. It cooperates with over 50 international shipping partners, serving more than 100,000 customers and dispatching 500,000 packages every day. It can help ship your products from China to 200+ countries and regions with a low price and high delivery rate. So if you need a shipping agent to fulfill your global shipping services, you can log in: https://www.sendfromchina.com/get-a-quote to get a free quote.

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