Warehouse Fulfillment Service in China (Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong)

  • • Are your products made in China?
  • • Do you need help dealing with Chinese manufacturers?
  • • Are you frustrated with the warehousing chores and logistics?
  • • Do you want to cut cost?

Our hassle free e-commerce fulfillment service is modeled for the online sellers of Made-in-China products and the sellers all around the world. We primarily store these Sellers's product in China and ship them out whenever required. We provide much cheaper Warehousing and handling services from China and this interprets in maximizing revenue margins for the sellers. Alternatively, the sellers can introduce discounts and buyers can take advantage of the more comprehensive products and services.

We provide much cheaper Warehousing and handling services from China and this interprets in maximizing revenue margins for the sellers

Key Benefits of the SFC
Warehouse Fulfillment Service

  • Sales Tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) Benefits

    In most of the countries or states, you as an e-commerce seller, must incur the payment of the sales tax or VAT for each business for sending products from your resident warehouse. By our warehousing services in China, most of your orders might not be subjected for the sales tax or VAT charges. Let us take an example - Customers in UK don't need to pay any VAT for orders less than 15 pounds. In Canada, orders less than $20 (imported from overseas) are exempted from paying HST. You can ask your local accountant for more details.
  • Avoid Duties

    Besides the sales tax, you have to consider the import tax or duties too. If you have a fulfillment center away in a different country, import duties will be applied at the border customs when importing bulk goods into the country for most made-in-china products. Eventually, your customers will have to compensate it through higher price for your product. However, if your warehousing is in China itself, then you are sending smaller orders directly to the individual customers then you are very likely to avoid the import duties. For example, as mentioned earlier orders less than 135 pounds are exempted from duty charges for UK customers.
  • Minimize Losses

    If you have to write-off your inventory and dispose your outmoded or seasonal products, then the freight fees and all the taxes that you have already paid will convert into irrecoverable losses. These kind of loses will not be a worry for you if your warehouse is in the country of manufacture itself i.e. China. Unlike other fulfillment companies which charges a flat fee for each product which they pick-and-pack. Here in SFC, the management your orders have a unique fee structure that sets us apart from the competitors. We have a system where, within an order, the first product will be charged as the standard fee but any subsequent service of this same product will be charged only 1/10 of the standard fee. This is a huge loses reduction for you if you are marketing the merchandise in bulk.
  • Low Labour Cost

    You can avail benefits of the moderately lower labour cost in China, compared to Europe and North America.   
  • Communication with the Chinese Suppliers

    We can assist you to interconnect with your Chinese suppliers, especially during the inbound shipment to our warehouses. This will eliminate inconveniences of the dialectal difficulties or the time-zone differences. In fact, our main fulfillment centers which are in Dongguan and Shenzhen, where most Chinese factories are located. This is a boon to your networks.
  • Keeping Your Customers Happy

    our customers always expect you to deliver the desired products quickly. But this is easier said than done because it is not as simple as it seems. Are you always ready to ship out within a day? Can you avoid the human error of picking wrong product or missing quantities? Do you have the experience to pack the product so that it can arrive undamaged? Fulfilling orders is a critical part of your online sales process and you do not want to muddle up at any phase. SFC offers you a one-stop fulfillment solution. We have a demanding service policy so, we run in two work shifts, we primarily use barcode technology, we have an automation machine to validate orders. We have a proficient hiring process to provide you service through an experienced staff and our connections with trusted logistics partners helps in extensive way. We value and guarantee efficiency, speed, error-free and professionalism towards the customers and keeping your customers happy is our prime goal. These constructive experiences will in turn generate more business to you as well.
  • Sell More, Faster

    We can aid to progress your trade conversion. By using SFC, you are saving money and cutting your cost in several areas, which means you can provide the customers what they love and what they want, most importantly, at a very lower cost. This is the most important factor that normally affects conversion.
  • Our Operations

    All our warehouses in China, (in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong) are fully equipped with advanced security systems and surveillance cameras. All the racks and shelves are organized in a very organized way. We use barcode technology to improve our efficiency and to minimize human errors. The heart of all these is our state-of- the-art inventory and orders management software. This you will have access and avail after you sign-up with our website. All our warehousing staffs are well trained to handle your products efficiently. We hand over orders to most of the shipping companies and post offices twice a day to make sure that a 24 hours handling time is possible.
  • Fulfillment Centre X-Ray Machine in Shenzhen warehouse, China ​Security Check
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  • Order validation in Shenzhen warehouse, China Automation
  • Small items storage in Shenzhen warehouse, China Warehouse

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