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What Is Warehouse Management System?

Time: Apr 11,2023 Author: SFC Source: www.sendfromchina.com

1. What Is Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system, or WMS, is an integrated software solution of rules and processes intended to organise the work of a warehouse or distribution center. It plays an important role in optimizing inventory management and supply chain fulfillment operations, as it facilitates merchandise management and makes it a visible solution in daily planning, organizing, picking and packing, staffing, directing, and controlling the distribution of available resources, for faster order fulfillment, reduced costs, improved inventory accuracy, increased productivity, and better decision-making.

In today's trend of economic globalization and world multi-polarization, people are connected to buying anything they're interested in from anywhere. In order to fulfil the demand worldwide, e-commerce corporations have to constantly upgrade and improve the fulfillment capacity of their warehouse management system, while most e-commerce companies find a 3PL warehouse management system servicer to help distribute their products.


2. Advantages of Warehouse Management System

Improved Operational Efficiency: A WMS can help increase warehouse efficiency by automating many manual processes, and reducing the amount of time and labour required for tasks like receiving, putaway, picking, and shipping. With the help of advanced algorithms and machine learning technologies, a WMS can optimize picking routes, reduce travel time, and improve overall productivity.

Reduced Waste and Costs: A WMS can help businesses reduce costs associated with labour, inventory, and transportation. By optimizing warehouse operations and reducing errors, a WMS can help businesses reduce the amount of labour required for tasks like picking and shipping, reducing staffing costs. With the help of real-time inventory tracking, a WMS can help businesses reduce inventory carrying costs and reduce the risk of stockouts. By optimizing picking routes and reducing travel time, a WMS can help reduce transportation costs.

Improved Inventory Accuracy: One of the primary benefits of using a WMS is improved inventory accuracy. A WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels and locations, allowing businesses to track stock levels and reduce the risk of overstocking or stockouts. With the help of advanced technologies like RFID and barcoding, a WMS can automatically track inventory movements, making it easier to identify errors and discrepancies.

Reduced Errors: By automating many warehouse processes and providing real-time tracking, a WMS can help reduce errors in picking, shipping, and inventory management. With the help of automatic data capture technologies like barcoding and RFID, a WMS can minimize data entry errors and eliminate the need for manual inventory counts.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By improving inventory accuracy and reducing errors, a WMS can help businesses fulfill orders more quickly and accurately, leading to increased customer satisfaction. With the help of real-time tracking and advanced reporting capabilities, a WMS can provide customers with accurate and up-to-date information about their orders, reducing the risk of delays and other issues.


3. Importance of a Warehouse Management System

Warehouse layout
An e-commerce Warehouse Management System tailor the workflow and picking process for businesses to optimize inventory allocation. The WMS system establishes positions that make the most of the storage space and take into account the seasonal differences in inventory. This customized warehouse layout helps maximize efficiency and ensure smooth inventory management.

Inventory management
WMS also plays an important role in inventory management. Advanced tracking and Automatic Identification and Data capture systems (AIDC) like RFID and barcode scanners can be applied to simplify the process of locating goods when they need to be moved.

Receiving and shelving
Light-picking or voice-picking methods are usually utilized to assist warehouse personnel in locating goods during inventory shelving and retrieval processes.

Picking and Packing
This includes various picking and packing methods such as area picking, wave picking, and batch picking. Warehouse personnel can also utilize batch splitting and task interleaving features to optimize sorting and packing tasks for maximum efficiency.

A WMS can send bills of lading(B/L) ahead of shipment, generate packing lists and invoices for shipments, and provide advanced shipping notifications to recipients.

Labour management
A WMS assists warehouse managers in tracking employee productivity through key performance indicators (KPIs) that indicate when employees are performing above or below the standard. This helps managers make informed decisions on how to optimize their workforce and improve efficiency.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, an e-commerce warehouse management system can also help businesses improve safety, comply with regulations, and reduce the risk of theft and other security issues. By providing real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, a WMS can help businesses monitor and control access to high-value items, reducing the risk of loss or theft. It is better to make a warehouse security checklist to help protect products, employees, and equipment from thefts, vandalism, and other types of criminal activity.

Sustainable Development
Furthermore, a WMS can also help businesses improve their sustainability efforts. By optimizing warehouse operations and reducing waste, a WMS can help businesses reduce their environmental impact and operate more sustainably.


4. Features of SFC Warehouse Management System

As a leading 3PL fulfillment center in China, SFC's warehouse management system (WMS) is a critical tool for e-commerce businesses that need to manage their inventory and fulfillment operations efficiently. The SFC WMS is designed to provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and warehouse operations, allowing businesses to streamline their processes, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

I.99.99% Accuracy Rate and 0.0003% Error Rate
SFC's warehouse management system boasts an exceptional level of accuracy with an error rate of less than 0.0003%, while the accuracy rate is 99.99% over the past years. Additionally, the response time of SFC WMS is less than half an hour, which is particularly valuable for businesses that rely on precise inventory tracking to optimize their operations.

II.Over 99.58% 24-hour Delivery Rate
SFC's remarkable delivery rate of 99.58% within 24 hours is a noteworthy aspect of operations. This high success rate instils confidence in e-commerce businesses that they can depend on SFC to deliver their products to customers swiftly and proficiently.

III.500,000+ Daily Stock Capacity
Furthermore, SFC's daily stock capacity of 500,000 orders is equally impressive. This capacity showcases their ability to store and handle large inventories for their clients. Their expansive inventory management system enables SFC to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently, even during high-demand periods.

IV.Inventory Warning
The inventory warning feature in a warehouse management system is a critical tool for businesses to ensure that they never run out of stock. By setting a threshold for inventory levels, businesses can receive alerts when inventory falls below this level, allowing them to take action before they run out of stock.

V.Real-time synchronization of inventory information on e-commerce platforms
As a part of SFC's warehouse management system, SFC also provides
API(Application Programming Interface) service on e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Shopee. With the help of SFC API service, businesses are able to track and manage their inventory efficiently in real time, ensuring that they always have the right amount of stock on hand to fulfill orders. Real-time synchronization also allows businesses to update their inventory information instantly, reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies between platforms.

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