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Good Pick and Pack Warehouse Fulfillment can Boost Business Grow

Time: Apr 08,2022 Author: SFC Source: www.sendfromchina.com

Once we start cross-border e-commerce business, we must get to know “pick and pack” or “pick n pack” since any order fulfillment shall include the supply chain management process of pick n pack fulfillment.

Generally speaking, pick and pack fulfillment refers to the process of picking sold product, packing it, and then affixing a shipping label and invoice to the product. But in fact the pick pack process flow is not so easy as it looks, there are many details shall be noticed to get good pick and pack fulfillment and boost business grow.

In this post, SFC will introduce the definition of good pick and pack fulfillment, and reveal the secrets of boosting business grow by getting good pick and pack fulfillment according to its 10+ years experience in China order fulfillment.

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What's Good Pick And Pack Fulfillment?

As mentioned above, pick and pack fulfillment refers to the process of pick inventory, pack it in a box, and then slap a shipping label on it, so good pick pack fulfillment shall do the best in these aspects. Here are some requests for good pick n pack fulfillment:

     1. Keep parcels intact: the most important thing of pick and pack fulfillment is making sure the parcels have no deficiency. Good pick and pack fulfillment shall custom the packing material according to the Product characteristics to keep parcels lightweight and packing tight. Thus, parcels can keep intact no matter how they are jolted and banged.    

     2. Efficient sorting and storing: order fulfillment have high requirements for time, so efficient sorting and storing are necessary. Good pick and pack fulfillment shall quickly sort, pick and pack in warehouse after receives orders by labeling them with corresponding labels, which include the information of product kind, product number and shelf number, and then put them to corresponding shelves for storing.

     3. Real-time inventory update: some sellers store orders in the inventory in advance, and ship out them once their shop generates an orders. So the ecommerce pick and pack warehouse shall update the inventory information in real time to help sellers replenish the stocks.     

     4. Quick ex-warehouse: the faster the product exit warehouse, the earlier the product arrive at customs and the shorter the order delivered. So exiting warehouse quickly does important to good pick and pack fulfillment.
    5. Custom brand label printing services: good pick n pack fulfillment shall meet both sellers and customers’ expectations, provide custom brand label printing services for sellers to promote their brand while keep the package beautiful.

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How Can Good Pick And Pack Fulfillment Boost Business Grow?

Since pick and pack fulfillment is an important part of the supply chain management process of order fulfillment, hence good pick n pack fulfillmentcan boost order fulfillment in the following ways:

    1. Improve order fulfillment efficient: efficient sorting and storing, and quick ex-warehouse can save time, then sellers will have more time to mange their shop and products, customers will be more satisfied since getting items faster.    

    2. Reduce return rates and refund rates: if there are no deficiency of your items, and the delivery time is faster, there will be less returns and refunds, and you will earn more money.

    3. Get more positive reviews for order fulfillment: If the parcels are intact and beautiful, the items are shipped faster, the order fulfillment will meet the expectations of customers, and they would like to give positive reviews to the items.
    4. Handle more orders as your business grows: If there are more positive reviews, your products and services will attract more customers, and you orders will surge, then you will handle more orders as your business grows.

Good pick n pack fulfillment bost business grow

Above all, pick n pack fulfillment is of great importance to order fulfillment, and order fulfillment is of great importance to e-commerce sellers, hence good pick n pack fulfillment may play a decisive role in boosting business grow. Thus, SFC recommends you to experience good pick n pack fulfillment, and it will tell you how to choose pick n pack fulfillment in next post.

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