How to Drop Ship Apparel from China to USA Efficiently?

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Nowadays, dropshipping has become a trend, and drop ship clothes from China to USA is even hot.  You also can get the latest suggstions about "Getting Fast Shipping Dropshipping from China in 2023". However, there are still some different voice, some Americans argue that people can not earn money by dropshipping clothes from China to USA since ship clothes from China is expensive and unreliable.

The reason why they can not earn money through dropshipping apparel from China to USA is irrelevant with drop ship clothing itself, but relevant with the way they drop ship clothes.

In order to certify its opinion, SFC will analyse in this article.

     1. The difficulties dropshippers suffered in dropshipping clothes from China to USA.
     2. What drop
shipping fulfillment agents can do to efficiently drop ship clothes from China to USA.
how to dropship clothes

I. Difficulties of Dropshipping Clothes from China to USA.

1. Poor product quality and inconsistent quantity:

As customers are in the abroad, while dropshippers and product suppliers are from China, so it’s impossible for American customers to check the product quality. Some product suppliers take this vulnerability using shoddy goods for quality goods and packing less product quantity to cheat customers, hence they loses the trust of American customers and increasing the difficulties of dropshipping clothes from China to USA.

2. Limited shipping methods:

Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment method for online stores, and the order volumes are generally small. Most dropshipping fulfillment agents set minimum order limitation, so it’s hard for dropshippers to find a good dropshipping fulfillment agent to ship clothes from China to USA.  

What’s more, dropshipping has high requirement for deliver time, while ship from China by post is too slow with 20-30 days shipping time and ship by express such as DHL is too expensive and is not cost-effective. So the logistics solutions can be chose according to the budget is very limited.

3. Expensive freight fee:

Despite the order volume is small, the handling fee and freight charge of dropshipping clothes from China to USA is not cheap. Some dropshippers use heavy packing materials to lift packing charges and some even have hidden fees.

4. Terrible after-sale services:

Customers usually complain that some customer managers are impatient and unreliable due to the small order volume and cheap price, and their problems can not be solved well.

As such, these difficulties deterred most American people from dropshipping apparel from China to USA. Targeting these difficulties, SFC polished its dropshipping fulfillment services, and thus gaining American customers’ belief.

Fashion clothing dropshipping

II. Solutions to drop ship clothing from China to USA efficiently.

Faced with these difficulties, 3pl fulfillment companies polished their services to solve customers’ concerns. The solutions they can take are as following:

1. Do Quality inspection:

To guarantee the quality and quantity of clothes, 3pl fulfillment companies help customers do quality inspection before clothes are shipped out, and contact with providers quickly if there are any problems.

2. No minimum order limitation:

Some 3pl fulfillment companies specially provide dropshipping fulfillment services and set no minimum order limitation to any clothes sellers, so orders can be shipped once it was generated and sellers can enjoy the same superior services.

3. No hidden fees:

3pl fulfillment companies can provide a free quote to clothes providers before they decide to use its dropshipping fulfillment services, and show all charges to the clothes providers to certify there are no hidden fees.

In addition, use suitable packaging materials for packing is a key factor to avoid excessive bulk which is also a hidden consumption that is difficult for sellers to detect.

A good 3PL fulfillment center generally purchases many kinds of packaging materials to lighten and reinforce the package with customize packing solution to reduce the packing fee.

4. Develop more logistics solutions:

Targeting dropshipping characterastics, 3pl fulfillment companies provide multi-channel logistics soluions for their customers. Apart from traditional post shippment, they cooperated with many top logistics supplier and developped express and special line shippment to meet customers' requirement for a shorter shippment time and high cost-efficient logistics solutions.

And here are 10 e-commerce shipping best practices which can make logistics a competitive advantage.

5. Improve after-sale services satisfaction:

If you're not happy with your existing 3PL partner, how to seamlessly switch to a new service provider. Some 3pl fulfillment companies provide 24 hours standby services for the customers from consultation to after-sale services to provide best and professional dropshipping fulfillment services for its customers. However, professional derives from experience, 3pl fulfillment companies with long history is more professional, so it’s important to to choose a 3pl fulfillment company with long history.

The above are solutions 3pl fulfillment companies took to response the difficulties. To stand out of peers, SFC put more efforts to improve the dropshipping fulfillment ability and satisfaction, and achieved a result of handling over 10,000 orders a day.  

Firstly, SFC rejected accepting counterfeit and shoddy products to ensure customers can accept quality clothes since its establishment. Secondly, it lightened and reinforced the package with custom packing solutions to reduce the packing fee. Thirdly, it provides custom logistics solutions for product suppliers with 60+ logistics channels for 220+ regions worldwide.

The most noteworthy is that SFC launched the US super express line to shorter the shippment time of dropshipping clothes from China to US.

● Faster! Deliver products within 11 days with over 95% delivery rate.

● Cost-effective for clothes! Because this shipment is customized for products within 2kg.

● Support Dropship! The US super express line supports dropship clothes from Alibaba/Aliexpress.

fastest shipping time from China to USA

Read this post to get multiple door to door shipping services from China to USA, SFC will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of various direct shipping, so that you can quickly judge how to choose the best for you.

To get more information about SFC’s US super express line, you can click: https://www.sendfromchina.com/get-a-quote to get a free quote and our professional manager will contact you soon.

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