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How to improve your E-commerce Fulfillment process?

Time: Jun 13,2022 Author: SFC Source: www.sendfromchina.com

Business was booming for many e-commerce companies recent years. No matter how many orders were pouring in, your e-commerce fulfillment process has the potential to make or break your business.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your e-commerce fulfillment process and keep customers happy, take a look at the following guide.

1. Understand Your E-commerce Fulfillment Cycle Time

One of the first steps you should take is to understand the e-commerce fulfillment cycle time. This will help you gain valuable insight into how effective your current process is and how it is currently affecting your customer satisfaction rate. Some metrics to look at when understanding e-commerce fulfillment time include:

   ·Promised customer order cycle time

   ·Actual customer order cycle time

   ·Cash to cash cycle time

   ·Supply chain cycle time

2. Manage Your Inventory Properly

Before receiving an order, make sure you are well prepared for controlling and managing your inventory. Your warehousing space should safely store all of your merchandise and give you room to grow.

   ·Stay on top of your demand forecasting

It’s essential to know when to anticipate those peaks in demand so that you can order the right level of stock accordingly. Keep an eye on the lead time from your suppliers well in advance is easy for you to meet seasonal sales fluctuations.

   ·Set aside safety stock

To minimize the risk of running out of stock, you should always set aside safety stock. It’s recommended to use statistical methods that refer to past data to measure demand spikes.

   ·Use Your warehouse space efficiently

Space efficiency means reconsidering layout, product flow, labor, and storage. Short-distance movements, safety, and throughput in a warehouse are also factors in maximizing space.

3. Automate Your E-commerce Fulfillment Processes

Manual data entry work is one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of e-commerce fulfillment. Automation could not only increase employee productivity, but also reduce human error and increase operational efficiency. With the repetitive tasks out of the way, you may focus your efforts on the other aspects of order fulfillment to further satisfy the customers.

4. Always Ready for Picking and Packing

Automation can help to keep the time spent on picking and packing to a minimum while also reducing errors, but there are still some other things you can do to improve your e-commerce fulfillment process.

   ·Consider how products have been slotted into shelves

Keep your best selling and fastest moving items in the most easily accessible spot. If any items that are frequently bought in the same order, group them together. Similarly, put similar products in bins next to each other may lead to more mispicks or incorrect barcode scans.

   ·Make returns simpler

Returns are an inevitable part of any e-Commerce business. Getting returned products back into your inventory as quickly as possible should be one of your main goals. Streamline the procedure by using packaging that allows customers to ship orders back easily.

5. Communicate More With Your Customers

Keeping in close contact with your customers from beginning to end, providing real-time updates on each stage of their order will not only build trust and improve the customer experience, it’ll also boost customer satisfaction.

Even after your customer has received their package, reaching out again and kindly asking for a product review or brief survey about their shopping experience is a great way to gain social proof from customers.
ways to improve your e-commerce fulfillment process

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