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How can pick & pack fulfillment service save your money and time?

Time: Apr 28,2022 Author: SFC Source: www.sendfromchina.com

Have you been frustrated by spending hours to fulfill your orders but still make costly mistakes like using a wrong address, picking up the a wrong SKU? Your pick and pack process is probably laborious and inefficiently.

What you need is a pick and pack fulfillment service.

In this post, we will cover how a good fulfillment company can save your money and make the work easier.

1. What’s pick & pack fulfillment?

Pick and pack is part of the whole order fulfillment process, which will get your products ready for shipment to your customers. You first need to pick the right SKU, pack it and then affix a shipping label on it. And some value added services like marketing inserts may be applied.

For those who are not professional, it is whatever process that you take after receiving an order which needs to be shipped out.

As a seller, this process can either be implemented in-house or outsourced to a third party fulfillment company.

2. What can you benefit from a pick & pack fulfillment service?