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Start Dropshipping Business in Ecommerce Platforms Or Independent Sites?

Time: Apr 24,2022 Author: SFC Source: www.sendfromchina.com

As dropshipping model requires no inventory, low cost, fewer management requirements and it is very easy for novices to get started, thus dropshipping business becomes more and more popular. There are mainly two models to conduct International dropshipping business, one is through eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, Wish and other third-party E-commerce platforms, and the other is through the independent sites such as shopee. However, starting Dropshipping Business in ecommerce platforms or independent sites is still a question for dropshippers.

What is dropshipping?

I. Introduction of Dropshipping Models

1. Third-party e-commerce platforms

Third-party e-commerce platforms are platforms that are independent of buyers and sellers. The platforms provide services for buyers and sellers through network service platforms in accordance with specific transaction and service norms, which include but not limited to supply and demand information release, transaction establishment, payment and logistics.

Using the third-party e-commerce platforms to start Amazon Dropshipping, Ebay shipping and Wish dropshipping, you have no need to build your own web server, worry about platform security, apply and develop your own payment interface. In addition, you can share platform traffic and do search optimization on the mall platform to get more dropshipping orders.

amazon dropshipping


2. Independent site

Independent site is a model to establish the official website, the overall website domain name selection, visual effect style, product type, and price level of your dropshipping brand. Famous dropshipping independent site includes Shopify dropshipping and Shopee dropshipping.

Through independent site model, you need to build your own web server and hire professional technical team to maintain the security of the independent site. You need develop relevant payment modules to connect with the third-party payment platform. The traffic of your independent sites are all direct traffic, which are mainly from Google, Yahoo and other search engine. You should do search optimization on Google, Yahoo to get more dropshipping orders.

shopify dropshipping


II. Differences between E-commerce platforms and Independent site

1. Security

Third-party e-commerce platforms provide powerful technical support, so you have no need to worry about the security and rely the platform to solve relevant problems. While the independent site shall be responsible for the security and bear the losses arising thereof.

2. Application permissions

You can use all services provided by third-party e-commerce platforms, but you have no right to develop new products, services and applications. While the independent site can custom all kinds of products, services and applications.

3. Cost

Third-party e-commerce platforms will charge you with commission according to your sales volume, and some other procedure fees. While the independent site has no other fees except the procedure fee charged by third-party payment platforms, the credit card fees charged by banks and the exchange rate losses.

4. Focuses

Using the third-party e-commerce platforms, you shall only do research optimization in the e-commerce platform. While the independent site shall do search engine optimization in Google and other engines.