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The Notification about
Notification of recovering EUB2 shipping service to Canada

  • Dear Value customers,

    Please pay attention for below postal service update.

    1. Receiving the notice from the post office, EUB2 & SHEUB will resume its service to Canada. However, due to a large backlog of local mail, there are still serious delays in delivery. Please pay attention to the use of EUB2 & SHEUB.

    2. Due to the general strike held by Spanish trade unions on November 30, 2018, there will be a serious delay and backlog of parcels, which is expected to have an impact on the delivery of parcels and normal delivery.

    3. Extreme weather in Australia has interrupted the collection and delivery of all mail parcels in New South Wales from the beginning of all postal codes. It is expected that this will have an impact on the delivery, transshipment and delivery of parcels. Cargo may be stagnated and delayed.

    Thanks for your always support!

    Best Regards,

    SFC Service Ltd.
    Dec 3, 2018.

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