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  • History: SFC is established in 2007. We first started out as a shipping agent, helping the local and the foreign companies to ship products out from China at discounted rates. SFC is a multinational professional logistics provider for cross-border e-commerce. Just as our name suggests, we "Send From China"! We very soon expanded our business by including warehousing service and order fulfillment services. We also started growing in China-importing services. Till date, we have fulfillment centres in China (Shenzhen and Dongguan, Hong Kong), Germany and USA. SFC is the first cross-border e-commerce logistics provider to be listed on China NEEQ (430754). Your business can hugely benefit from our expertise and promising services.

    Experience: We are experienced with the setting up processes needed for your ultimate fulfillment in B2B and B2C guidelines. We know the best practices in this field that can be beneficial to you. We have efficient established procedures, equipment, and well-trained employees to handle it safely, effectively and in most promising way. Our facilities are of the highest standards with best possible maintenance regularly with spot-checking, quality control and surveillance. Our staffs are well trained to uphold these standards at all times.

    System: We provide an affordable and cost-effective solution keeping effective time management in mind. By building our processes and services around your business, we can save you time, money and everything would be handled safely and hassle free. Our in-house system is designed customer oriented and is easy and intuitive for your online retail ship, permitting you to manage your own inventory and orders remotely. You can always monitor your stocks anywhere, anytime, safely without any risk of overselling. SFC’s front-end web-based interface is completely integrated with our back-end pick-and-pack operation. We use barcode technology at every stage.

    Storage: We have over 200,000 sq. meters warehouse in Shenzhen and Dongguan of Guangdong province, in China. Products are stored in a very systematic manner. We with efficient use of warehouse shelving space helping in facilitate handling. High-cost items are kept separately. Our warehouse is also equipped with fire suppression systems as well as 24 hours surveillance. We also have a controlled access to ensure the safety of your products.

    WAREHOUSES: Our warehouse in China allows you to take advantages of the low operating cost and multiple delivery options. There would also be possibility of benefits like sales tax reduction and avoiding duties. We can also assist to communicate with your Chinese suppliers.
    Hong Kong warehouse provides excellent platforms for importing from other countries into mainland China. It can also handle return packages.

    Pick-and-Pack: We handle 200,000+ orders every day and with capacity for 500,000+ orders during peak season. We have a very quick turnaround time. Generally, orders submitted between 10:00 - 24:00 are ready for the collection by the shipper within 24 hours. We in pick-and-pack are using a first-in-first-out system, so your customers are guaranteed to receive their products in optimal condition. We offer free void fill materials for extra protection against damages during international shipment. We use barcode technology at every stage. Packages are automatically weighed to ensure accuracy of shipping charges. In fact, technology is our key in reducing costs, improving efficiency and minimizing human errors.

    Shipping: Packages are sorted using our machines and are always double-checked before shipping out. Our knowledge of the international shipping enables us to save you money as well as time. You will have the most economical delivery option available because SFC have been partners with world-leading express carriers like UPS, DHL, EMS, etc. as well as international postal services like Netherlands Post, Hong Kong Post, China Post, USPS, Swiss Post, Royal Mail, Belgium Post, etc. We also have dedicated line services, which integrates with European couriers to take care of last mile delivery. Take advantage of our low shipping rates that we already have negotiated with these reliable shippers! If you are outside of China and you are selling Made-in-China products to the global market, then we can assist you by shipping orders directly from China to your customers anywhere around the world.

    Clients: SFC has a huge experience in working with foreign clients whose products are sourced from China. As we know, most of the online retailers are foreign-based; we have developed a unique business model that accommodates our entire remote client and allowing them to manage everything online. If you need fulfillment that dovetails seamlessly with your e-commerce shopping cart, then we can discuss with you to streamline that process via API integration. We will make it easy to run a China warehouse from overseas.

    Support: We have proficient English-speaking Account Managers; Customer Service Representatives which are always assigned to each registered client to best possible provide customized support.
    The fulfillment services that you will be prevailing here, SFC is accountable and proven to all our commitments. You can eliminate time spent on hiring processes, trainings and supervising shipping staffs if you connect with us. Doing it yourself is not easy, we are here for you. We do it for you, safely and in accordance with time. Your worries are away. Our fulfillment center is what you need to get your business to the next level, a promising global one.

    How It Works in 100 Seconds:

    We encourage you to drive sales and we will handle packing, shipping for you. You just focus on what you do best. The fulfillment services you will get from SFC are safe, accountable and best proven. You will eliminate time spent on hiring, training and supervising shipping staff or doing it yourself is also very difficult. Our fulfillment center is what you need to get your business to the next level.



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