Why SFC? Is SFC for me?

Most fulfillment centers can save you time, money and hassle. So, why should you choose SFC?

We are not for everyone indeed. However, if you are outside China and you are selling Made-in-China products to a global market, then we can help by shipping orders directly from China to your customers anywhere around the world! The ideal situation is to be “near the customers”, of course. But if you have a global customer base, then it will be too expensive to hire fulfillment centers in every country just to be near your customers! The next best option is to be “near the source” or your manufacturer! If your products are Made-in-China, then you should ship directly from China to your customers. It will not make sense to import from China to your country (or somewhere) and then export again to other parts of the world! You must avoid this common mistake. Being located in China puts us way ahead of our foreign competitors. This is our #1 strength. Furthermore, our warehouse is in Shenzhen, which is a manufacturing hub with many Chinese factories. Our proximity to Hong Kong also gives us the added advantage of more shipping options and logistics support.

But there are many other Chinese fulfillment houses too … why should you choose SFC?

Unlike our local competitors, SFC has the experience in working with foreign clients, since 2007! In fact, we are one of the pioneers in China warehouse fulfillment service. Do not be confused when you are sourcing or comparing companies. Beware of local copycats who conveniently duplicate our business model or website and then try to price-cut us. They offer very low rates and operate at a loss, with the primary objective of fending off competition, instead of focusing to provide quality fulfillment service to you. Think of all the specialized knowledge that is required: operating a facility, people management, equipment maintenance, safety programs, legal compliance, logistics, shipping, insurance. Much of this expertise and specialized knowledge takes years to acquire. It is impossible for them to copy our experiences! Eventually, those pretenders do not stay in business for too long and you risk losing your products and money if they shut down without notice. We have been in this fulfillment business for many years and have seen many such companies come and go. On a side note, imitation is the best form of flattery and it just shows how good we are.

We have expanded rapidly and we know the best practice in this field. We use our size and experience to ensure that we keep up with the latest standards and invest in the right equipment, materials and training. We focus on technology which is our key in reducing costs, improving efficiency and minimizing errors.

Is SFC for you?

  • Are you a small/medium business?
  • Are you outside China?
  • Are your products Made-in-China?
  • Do you sell online?
  • Do you have a global market?

If you answered these questions with a "yes", then SFC may be able to offer a fulfillment solution that is scaled to your needs. We welcome new business start-ups too.