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What should be pay attention to about return processing?

  • Please read the following precautions carefully:

    1.There are certain Specific return reasons that can occur. Such as if there is no shipment; and if the recipient address is unknown or if the recipient did not pick up the parcel in time; or the Local authorities did not allowed the product to import and there can be situations where we are unable to pass through security, and so on.

    2. The product needs to be handled within 5 working days after importing data in the system.

    3. If you fail to handle within 5 working days, the status will be changed to “to be expire”, the returns can be kept another 2 working days in this status, if still do not handle within 2 working day, the status will change to expired and the returns will be destroyed acquiescently.

    4.If SFC cannot handle (insufficient account) reject it , need to provide the suggestion with in 5 working days.

    5. If the Return shipment are from - HKBAM/HKBRAM,DEAM2/DERAM2,SWBAM/SWBRAM,SWBAM1/SWBRAM1,SGAM/SGRAM, You need to pay the return fee 50 RMB/KG. Please ensure that you have enough account balance.

    6.We do not handle the returns on weekends, instructions submit on working days will be handled within 1 working day (if submit in afternoon maybe be handled the next day).If required to pick up in Guangzhou office, please contact branch office 1 or 2 days later. Please check the tracking No. in the return list if return by express, the return time refers to the domestic express.

    7.Please contact the customer services if you need to withdraw the instructions.

    8.If you the goods-returns, to be the disposed our handing fee charging standard is 1 RMB/KG. If you need our service in unpacking, inspection, the charges would be the standard charge of 5 RMB/per item. If your goods returns needed to put on our warehouse shelf again or you need to deduct space resources, insurances and item resources according to the qualified returns. For more than volume of 2 Kgs of goods returns, the charge is 1 RMB per Kg. The above fees will be deducted using our system automatically.

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