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and Consistent Warehousing Fulfillment Services Our system streamlines goods inventory, stock, order processing, shipment and returning totally in one place. Relax Yourself with Our Rational and Consistent Warehousing Fulfillment Services


China Warehousing Fulfillment Services

China Fulfillment Warehouse China Fulfillment Warehouse
  • Reception

    By scanning the barcodes, we identify the items based on your product information created and uploaded on our warehouse management system.

  • Inspection

    Detailed quantity, quality and safety inspection will be carried out to avoid return hassle, thus satisfying your customers.

  • Inventory management

    Our warehouse management system(WMS) and equipments gurantee the inventory accuracy and is also capable of real-time visibility which enables better business decision-making.

  • Automatic order synchronizaition

    We integrate the popular shopping carts like Amazon,ebay,shopify,aliexpress,linio,etc. We automatically import orders from your marketplace which saves you a lot of time and hassle in manual work .Of course, you can batch upload your received orders to our system manually.

  • Automatic order sorting

    After pick & pack, we use our full-automatic sorting machine to empower the order process efficiency, you won't need to warry about order fulfillment even in peak season.

  • Rapid shipment

    We response quickly to ship orders within 24 hours. And for your convenience, you can track your orders' status on your SFC dashboard.

  • Tracking notification

    Tracking informaition will be update to your marketplace and a tracking email under you brand name will be sent to your buyer also.

  • FBA prep

    SFC provides preparation service for FBA users. SFC FBA prep service helps global e-commerce sellers ship from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.

  • Returns handling

    Products returned will go through a careful inspection and be handled properly at our warehouse.

  • Flexible and affordable month plan

    We provide economic and flexible warehousing plans, you can adjust your plans at any time to save you storage fees in the most cost-effective way.

Why SFC?


≧99.99% inventory accuracy


Auto order sync


<3 out of 100,000 order discrepancy


99.98% delivery within 24hrs


Multi account management

What our customers said?

I have always felt SFC is a good fulfillment alternative when dealing with issues online. From the initial account setup to follow-up support, I've been delighted by their professionalism, kind and friendly attitudes, and the fact that they continuously handle my requests and questions with genuine care and punctuality.


We've been working with SFC for close to one year now and have been very happy with their service. We're a fast growing retailer in the household appliances space. We ship our products worldwide. The system works well, which gives you a lot of visibility & control over what's going on.


I was amazing that the decks were so perfectly protected inside that they arrived in absolutely perfect condition.


I purchase many items from China both for personal and business use and I find SFC is the best tracker for any package I have been expecting.


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