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Noticfation > The Notification for Mexican Customs strictly Inspection

The Notification about
The Notification for Mexican Customs strictly Inspection

  • Dear valued customers,
    Informed by carrier, The Mexican airport customs recently confiscated more than 40 tons counterfeit goods that attempted to enter the country illegally. Most of these goods come from China and Hong Kong which including watches, shirts, ladies handbags, tennis, cell phone accessories, jewelry, etc., may be worth more than 200 million pesos in the illicit market.
    Imitation brand products from Lacoste, Adidas, Puma, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Samsung, Hello Kitty, Iphone, Casio, Calvin Klein, Vans, Chanel, Tous, Disney, Marvel and other brands.Therefore, the goods send from China inspection probability increased than usual, kindly remind the customers all the Mexican shipping methods do not accept counterfeit goods and medical equipment.
    Thanks for your always support!
    SFC Service ltd
    June 4,2019

    SFC Service ltd


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