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The Notification about
Notification on suspending exports of Canada postal service

  • Dear valued customer,
    Due to the serious backlog of mail caused by the escalation of the Canadian Postal Union strike, Canadian Post issued an urgent circular through UPU informing members of UPU to immediately stop sending mail to Canadian Post. Local Post has suspended mail delivery services to ensure the safety of mail, and has suspended the export of mail to this route from now on.
    Please pay attention to the following.
    1. CNQM/CNQMR,WWAM/WWRAM and GZAM/GZRAM that has been received but not exported will be returned and the freight will be returned. The return time is uncertain.
    2. All other postal channels to Canada will be suspended for shipment. The recovery time will be announced.
    3. Involved channels: all postal service.
    Thanks for your understanding.
    SFC Serivce ltd
    Nov 15,2018

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