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The Notification about
Notification of Switzerland new VAT policy from 2019

  • Dear valued customer,
    For kindly reminder, new VAT policy in Switzerland will take place from 1st January 2019. If a mail-order company generates a turnover for low value packets to Switzerland (import tax free) of a minimum of 100,000 CHF per year, those companies will be mostly affected by the new VAT. Low value packets means products with an import duty (import tax) equal to or lower than 5 CHF.
    If sellers generate 100,000 CHF revenue per year for low value packets from 1st January 2019 and throughout 2019, they will be liable for the VAT. The company must register a VAT number in Switzerland and pay VAT in Switzerland.
    We recommend that sellers complete the relevant Swiss VAT registration by 1st January 2019.
    The following is the reference URL for the Swiss Value Added Tax (VAT):   https://www.estv.admin.ch/estv/en/home/mehrwertsteuer/dienstleistungen/formulare-online/anmeldung-bei-der-mwst.html .
    Please notice and make the arrangement, thanks for your always support!
    Thank you.
    SFC Service ltd
    Nov 8,2018

    SFC Service ltd


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