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  • Dear Value customers:


    Please take note of the following advice from respective postal administration :

    There are general strike all over the world, together with the severe weather, please be prepared for further flight disruptions as well as delays in parcel processing and delivery.

    Brazilian Customs strikes are still on going and through intermittent days of the week. Clearance processes can take longer than expected as availability of customs officials is impacted by the strike days. Please expect delays until service resumes to a normal level.

    Brazil Customs has been striking since the 7th of November 2017, still without an end date so far. Brazil Customs is on strike because the officers disagree with a new social security law instituted by the government, which prolongs the minimum time necessary for retirement. The day of each strike depends on the Customs office, but in general, most of them are partially working only on Monday and Friday. Brazilian Customs continues with its Tuesday to Thursday weekly strike. Clearances are being done on Monday and Fridays and it appears to be the way things will be for the foreseeable future. Delays are possible during times of strike action. The objective of this is to increase the time frame of the whole clearing process. In fact, strikes occur quite frequently in the region, so much so that the local media typically won’t even include strikes in their reports.

    Flood-related disruptions continue to affect northeast Queensland although water has begun to recede. Road closures of Bruce Highway at Tully, Gillies Highway, and the Mulligan Highway at multiple locations have been reported. Although the water level has started to recede, flooding is likely to continue in the coming days due to a new low-pressure system that is forecasted to affect the region.

    Mount Shinmoedake eruptions continued to intensify on March 11 in Kyushu island since its first eruption on March 6. The local meteorological agency had issued a warning for falling rocks within a four-kilometer radius of the volcano. At least 80 flights to and from Kagoshima airport on March 7 were cancelled due to the ash emissions from the volcano.

    On March 12, the designated operator of French Polynesia, Office des Postes et Télécommunications, informed that the strike in French Polynesia ended on Friday, March 9. Normal forwarding of inbound and outbound postal items have resumed on that day.

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    March 13, 2018.

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