Where is your warehouse? Warehouse address?

Our warehouse fulfillment center is in Shenzhen, China:

HuMen Cross - Border E-Commerce Park warehouse,
South Gate, Jianmin Road, Lane 1, No. 6. HuMen Town. Dongguan City,
Guang Dong Province,
Postal Code: 523000

Your supplier may need our address in Chinese:

东莞市虎门镇南栅健民路 1巷6号 (虎门跨境电商园仓储)

1. Always create an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) before sending your products to our warehouse fulfillment center for storage.
2. Any package that arrives without an ASN Number or an identifiable Shipping Order Number will be refused.
3. Our office is at a different location. Please click here for details.