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Fulfillment Service Globally


Our crowdfunding fulfillment services

  • Labeling according to each backer's information

    Upload all your backer's pick-up information in bulk on central dashboard and we take care of the labeling and distribution for fulfillment.

  • Packing & Repacking according to your needs

    Custimizable packing and repacking in your preferred style to satistify your backers.

  • Shipping to your backers across the globe

    Help kickstarter and indiegogo crowdfunders like you to arrange the the shipping part upfront which enables you focus on developing your products, your marketing and financing.

  • Upgrading your brand with promotional material like brochures, catalogs

    Add marketing inserts to help you kick start your ecommerce business(if any).

Why SFC?


Competitive price


Multiple & Global shipping channels


Short turn around time


Large crowdfunding campaigns experiences


Custom value-added services

Why our customers recommend us?

I was a bit worried when I first start using them because I didn't know how well will they be able to manage my orders. But, after just one month I knew they're doing a great job in which regards the logistics. Will definitely continue using them.


When my box of cards arrived,the box had obviouly been beaten and battered during it's long journey.And yet, the decks were so perfectly protected inside that they arrived in absolutely perfect condition.


Tracking number worked correctly from fulfillment center to my mailbox, so that was cool.


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