Announcement for EUEXP3&EUEXP4 sticker shipping label 2017-12-07

Dear valued customer,

Pleaee kindly by informed from carrier, EUEXP3 & EUEXP4 sticker shipping label has the following latest request.
1. On both sides of the one shipping label invitations in the box the longest side, while a tight guarantee. Because the labels are easy to wear or lose during transportation, the carriers suggest that two labels be posted, even if one is lost, another one will be pasted on the longest sides of the outer box, which is convenient for the foreign carrier's warehouse to scan and speed up the package operation.
2. For more than 25KG package please paste a label, click FOR 25KG TO 35KG.jpg, download pictures print (temporarily does not require the color printing, but the size can not be changed), affixed to the container the longest side.
3. When creating the order, especially the B2C order, please be sure to provide the recipient's mailbox. UPS and DPD will update the delivery status to the recipient's mailbox in time, or reduce the probability of refund and the two delivery time.
Thank you for the great support and love of the three express delivery.

SFC Service ltd

Dec 7,2017