Announcement of the postal parcels to be strictly checked for the foam box or the foam box wrapped in plastic enveloped mail 2017-12-07

Dear valued customer,

Please kindly note we got the notice from China Post office, now in the international mail export season period, in order to avoid the occurrence of aviation accidents, the post office will be required to send the light mail (large volume, lighter weight, by foam boxes or foam box wrapped with plastic bag sealing bag) to focus on checks, if your package belongs to the post office determination of light mail, mail will be returned or stranded, return time and retention aging can not be guaranteed, and the post office will not bear the relevant responsibility.

Our affected transportation channel: CNKY/CNKYR/CNQM/CNQMR/WWAM/WWAMR/GZAM/GZAMR
In order to transport the parcels normally and smoothly, please change the package or adjust the logistics plan in time. Thank you for your cooperation.

SFC Service ltd

Dec 7,2017