• Step 1: Create Product

    Each of the product (or SKU, Stock Keeping Unit) is stored in our fulfilment centres need to be defined in our database. You just need to provide product information. For example, name of the product, id, dimension, weight, image etc. If you are trading a fixed number of products, then you probably have to do this once or just a few times only. If your catalog of the products is expanding, then you must repeat this process whenever you have to add a new product. We also accept product datas in bulk by using either csv file or Web Service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

  • 02. Activate Plan

    E-commerce sellers now need to activate their monthly plan to begin the process of using our warehouse fulfillment services. Select a plan that you prefer and in your budget. As soon as you activate your Plan, we will debit the Plan Fee from your prepaid account and the billing cycle will start there on. Therefore, we recommend you to activate your Plan when you are almost ready to send the products to us. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds before the activation. You can anyway top-up your account via Paypal, Wire Transfers, and most of the banks in China and Hong Kong.
    You can edit your Plan anytime but please remember the new plan will only start only from the next billing date.

  • 03. Activate Products

    After you have entered the information correctly, then activating (or enabling) the product is just a simple step. It is a confirmation to use the SKU in our online fulfillment system.
    All the products in our warehouses must have barcodes in order to be processed. If your products don't have barcodes, you can use our system to generate and apply on all the products. We can always generate you the required barcodes. The barcode generation from our system is free of cost but if you want us to paste the barcode on the products, the service is of course is paid service.

  • 04. Create ASN + Send to SFC

    You must create an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) to notify us of your incoming stocks. You can very easily notify us online at using our User Centre. You can print the ASN packing list and insert it into your product cartons. Packing lists and inventory counts should be matched with the products to be sent to us. Please ensure that the ASN number is placed or attached to the cover of the carton and then dispatch it to our warehouses. We will be storing your products and also update the inventory.

  • 05. Create Order

    You can manually create a new order in our system whenever you close a sale. You have the option to batch the upload orders through a csv file. Advanced users can also choose to integrate with our system via the Web Service APIs.

  • 06. Submit Order

    After reviewing the order, you have to submit it and we will handle the rest! We will pick-and-pack and ship directly to your customer.

User Center

Here are some screenshots of the User Center (a.k.a. Inventory and Order Management System). You can have full access of our in-house software when you sign-up and activate your account. Our online system allows you to manage everything remotely. You can monitor your stocks anywhere, anytime, without the risk of overselling. Please click on the thumbnails for enlarged images.

Inventory and Order Management System Dashboard

My SFC (Dashboard): This landing page offers a simple view of the balance in your prepaid account, your Monthly Plan, important notifications, quick-links and access to Live Chat.

Monthly Plan for Storage, SKUs, Pick-and-Packs

My Plan: A summary of your Monthly Plan, usage and balance. You can upgrade/downgrade plan or purchase extra resources temporarily.

Create Unique Product or SKU

Create Product: Input your product information into our system.

Advanced Shipping Notice

Create ASN: Inform us of your incoming stock and request for Add-on Service (if any).

Real-time Inventory Management

Inventory List: This page displays the real-time stock levels and movements.

Fulfill E-commerce Order

Create Order: Online order-entry. Shipping request is accepted through web-based application. We will pick-and-pack and ship directly to the recipient using the shipping method of your choice.

Fulfill eCommerce Orders

Batch Upload Orders: You can also submit your daily orders via an Excel spreadsheet.

Order Management

Orders List: Status of all your fulfillment orders. You can generate and export a report.

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