The Notification about modifying selling price with HKDHL/HKDHL1 2018-04-13

Dear Value customers:

Greetings !

Notification from DHL, due to air freight fee and the operating cost of the destination country adjustment, the sales prices of DHL channels are adjusted as follows.

1.HKDHL: The price has been raised for the weight between 0.5kg to 20.5kg small packages to Brazil,the average increase rate is about 3%.The shipping fee to Japan and United States with an average reduction of 1%. Other regions keep the same with before;

2. HKDHL (FBA): U.S. prices have been reduced by 1%.

3. HKDHL1 / DHLHKW: For the under 19kg small packages to United States, the price reduced by 1%.

Effective Date: April 13, 2018

Please kindly pay attention and thanks for your always support!

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SFC Service Ltd.
April 13, 2018.