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Warehouse Fulfillment Services


Our Warehousing Serives

Warehousing Warehousing
  • Perfect warehouse inventory accuracy achievement

    Our warehouse management software and equipment gurantee the accurate inventory, which means higher profits and a more productive warehouse. Keep your customers happy and costs down.

  • Easy warehouse management solutions

    Warehouse automation technology can be applied to many facets of warehousing and fulfilling orders. It helps us with all the steps in implementing a warehousing solution and smooth the whole process opertaions.

  • Quality contral and 7*24 hours cctv monitoring

    Detailed quality and safety inspection will be carried out to avoid return hassle, thus slashing the storage fee and warehouse cost.

  • Automatic sorting machine

    Advanced and full-automatic sorting machine empower our process efficiency.

  • Multi-marketplace API integration

    Seamless integration with your favorite eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and Ebay to update the real-time inventory levels and sync your received orders for further fulfillment.

  • Multiple warehouse location options

    We offer Warehousing location options in mainland China and Hong Kong.

  • Flexible and affordable month plans

    Economic and flexible warehouse plans save you warehousing fees in the most cost-effective way.

Why SFC?


Improves inventory accuracy(>99.99%)


Improves order throughput


Lowers order discrepancy rate


Reduces response times


Improves operations


Minimizes costs


Increases productivity

Why our customers recommend us?

I was a bit worried when I first start using them because I didn't know how well will they be able to manage my orders. But, after just one month I knew they're doing a great job in which regards the logistics. Will definitely continue using them.


When my box of cards arrived,the box had obviouly been beaten and battered during it's long journey.And yet, the decks were so perfectly protected inside that they arrived in absolutely perfect condition.


Tracking number worked correctly from fulfillment center to my mailbox, so that was cool.


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